A 1v1 fighting game built around the theme “Running out of power”. Players battle it out as 2 RC Bots, running on unfortunately tiny batteries. To win Botken, you must push your opponent off the edge of the arena and get them plugged. No HP, no timers: Botken is about dominating the arena, managing your power and showing the world what a tin-can can do!

The Bots always move forward automatically, and each has 4 inputs (Player 1 on the left uses WASD, and Player 2 on the right uses the Arrow Keys):
W / Up - for a High Attack
S / Down - for a Low Attack
D / Left - for a Dash Attack
A / Right - for a Backdash

Watch your opponent and react with the right move to inch them closer to the plug, or go full aggro and smash them into it.

GenreAction, Fighting
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 39, Robots, samurai
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